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The above screenshot is taken from our polish website -, which inspired MyVeloWay.

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MyVeloWay is here to provide you with the best cycling routes in Europe. On MyVeloWay you can find new cycle paths, and get to know practical information about them. Here you can download GPX files for all cycle paths.

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We appreciate comfortable cycle paths. On MyVeloWay you can find only the best quality cycle routes. Most of them are long-distance cycleways. They are good for cycling tourism, bicycle journeys, holiday trips, and familial rides. You can plan your bicycle holidays here. We are constantly developing to show and present to you the whole European bicycle chain. You can overlook the cycle routes near you and inspiration for your own velo way.

The most important information about cycling routes

Good preparation is important before the cycling trip, but not wasting your time is also crucial. That’s why we prepare short descriptions with only the most vital information about each route. Don’t waste your time on bumpy roads, impassable routes, and bad-signed paths. Search for good cycling routes on MyVeloWay and start your journey.

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We are planning to release consecutive bicycle routes. User accounts are around the corner! You could add your own photos and opinions about cycle paths on MyVeloWay soon. Now, you can see the most important European cycle paths, but there’ll also be routes from all around the world. We want to build the European bicycle routes map accessible for every cyclist. No matter how long you ride a bike, straightforward data about cycle routes will be there for you.

MyVeloWay - who are we?

We started MyVeloWay because there was no place like it before. The place where cyclists can find all data and information about the cycle path they need. There are plenty of websites overloaded by content. Usually, you want to check the data that allows you to plan a comfortable trip. MyVeloWay is here to respect your time. We are a small group of cycling enthusiasts that spend almost every spare time on the bike. We fell in love with cycling excursions a few years ago and that love is blooming. Some of us are bikepackers, some use panniers but we work together to develop useful software and solutions for cyclists. That’s what we called MyVeloWay.

You can also check our project with polish bicycle paths:

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